The Wealth Fast Track Hack (stupid simple)

Today I am bring on a friend to share their best wealth hack tip with us!

His name is Grant Sabatier he is the founder of Millennial Money and he has a new book coming out, Financial Freedom, that you need to pick up.

🌠 You can find grant here: 🌠

💻 Website:
🐦 Twitter: @millennialmoney
📖 Book: Financial Freedom

Grant: I am here in Times Square in NYC (where I moved 6 months ago) and I want to share my favorite wealth hack. The one that helped me go from $2.26 to millionaire in 5+ years.

Anyone can do this.

There is a direct relationship between the % of income that you are saving and the amount of years it will take you to reach financial independence.

The greater percentage of your income that you save, the faster you will become financially independent. 👴🏻

If you can get your savings to 40-50% of your income you can change the time you are able to retire from maybe never to 15 years or less. 👛

If you are making $50,000 to $75,000 per year and can save 50% of that, you can retire in about 10 years. 🏦

That may sound nearly impossible to do, but I am going to show you how.

Forget about all the little things that the financial guru’s will tell you to cut out in order to save. Those things are what bring you the most happiness.

Instead, focus on where most of us spend 70% of our income: housing, transportation, and food.

You can control where you live, the type of car you purchase, and your food purchases. 🏠🚗🍕

By controlling your spending in these areas, you are able to put more into your savings.

This is my favorite wealth hack! 😎

🌠 You can find grant here:🌠

💻 Website:
🐦 Twitter: @millennialmoney
📖 Book: Financial Freedom

✅ From $2.26 to Millionaire in 5 Years (only 30 years old 😳)

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