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The Wealth Fast Track Hack (stupid simple)

Today I am bring on a friend to share their best wealth hack tip with us! His name is Grant Sabatier he is the founder of Millennial Money and he has a new book coming out, Financial Freedom, that you need to pick up. 🌠 You can find grant here: 🌠 💻 Website: https://millennialmoney.com/ 🐦 Twitter: @millennialmoney 📖 Book: Financial Freedom https://amzn.to/2Ge4a4L Grant: I am here in Times Square in NYC (where I moved 6 months ago) and I want to share my favorite wealth hack. The […]

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I had to get over this mental block for success

Welcome to another Wealth Hack Wednesday, this one from NYC! I just wrapped up a video shoot, and I was thinking – every time I have been to New York it has been because someone has paid me or was recruiting me. 💰 Each time I have been paid to come here as part of a brand deal or a sponsorship. So I was thinking, what lead to this? How did I get these opportunities. I put myself out there. ⭐ I've said before that your 80% […]

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Brain Dump 🧠: Turn Creative Thinking Into Pure Profit

I had a call last week with some of the students in my Passive 1k beta group and we started talking about how helpful it is to do a brain dump. 🧠 I was helping out one of the members that had a really good idea about a course. As I listened to him talk, he had a lot of really good ideas. I am the same way, I have a lot of really good ideas. A lot of these ideas I can't take action on because […]

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