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Blogging ISN’T Passive Income??? (1 year sabbatical success story)

I always chuckle when I see people claim that blogging can't be a form of passive income. I interview a good friend of mine that has been blogging for about the same amount of time as me. Last year he made a very bold decision. That decision was to take an entire year off from his business. How did he do? The answer is why blogging can be a form of passive income if you set it up right. πŸ“Check out Bob's site here: https://seedtime.com πŸ“ΉHis YouTube […]

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[THE BIG REVEAL πŸ’°] How Much Did I Make on My Passive 1k Course Pre-Launch?

Welcome back to Part 3, the final video in the Behind the Scenes series. In case you missed them…. Here's Part 1: Here's Part 2: The cart is getting ready to close! I sent the final email out late Sunday afternoon. My email service provider will trickle these out over 2-3 hours so some people may not have gotten this email until late Sunday night! So let's take a look at the numbers. πŸ‘€ Right now we are at $19, 624 in total earnings. I said my […]

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I had to get over this mental block for success

Welcome to another Wealth Hack Wednesday, this one from NYC! I just wrapped up a video shoot, and I was thinking – every time I have been to New York it has been because someone has paid me or was recruiting me. πŸ’° Each time I have been paid to come here as part of a brand deal or a sponsorship. So I was thinking, what lead to this? How did I get these opportunities. I put myself out there. ⭐ I've said before that your 80% […]

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