From $.06 to $10,000 – How Cartoonist Quit Day Job For YouTube

Today’s video is another in the Passive 1k Interview Series. You’ll want to hear how Evan Burse made his first $1,000.

So we know that there are some pretty crazy ways that you can make a living these days. But when I share how this guy is making money, and how he was able to quit his job for what he does, you are going to be blown away!

One of the things that my kids love to do is draw, sketch, and color. ✏️

Today’s guest, Evan Burse, has a passion for drawing. He landed a job with Marvel where he got to do this for a living. Then he left this dream job and focused on teaching others how to draw and got paid to do it.

I knew Evan would be a great addition to this new Passive 1k series. I want to share his story of how he made his first $1,000 that ultimately led to him earning passive income for doing something that he loves to do. ❤️

Let’s see what Evan has to say about his journey, we will be asking him these questions:

➡️Tell us about your business? [2:10]

➡️What inspired you to start on online business? [3:38]

➡️What do you remember being your biggest obstacle starting out ? [5:51]

➡️How did you make your first $1,000 online? [7:04]

➡️When did you make your first significant passive income? [8:22]

➡️ What would you tell your beginner self about getting started? [9:20]

➡️Any last words you’d like to share? [10:27]

So yes, you can make money doing your passion. Evan’s story, he loves to draw and he makes a killing doing it. 👍

If you have something that you love to do but don’t think you can make a living with it, you have to get your mind right. 🤯It is possible.

Do not discount your ideas, your passion, whatever it is that you want to do.

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