Fastest Way to Become an Expert on Anything (and stop feeling like a fraud)

Today I want to talk about how to become an expert in your field. How to use your knowledge to build wealth and potentially create passive income.

At 24 I was fresh out of college and ready to take on the world. I had just completed a two-week intensive training on learning how to become a financial advisor.

I was preparing for my first client meeting and I was scared but confident. I can remember thinking that I was really going to mess things up. And I did. I bombed. I started to question whether I should have become a financial advisor, if I had made the right decision.

Those people did not become clients, but I learned so much from that first meeting. It taught me how to teach what I knew. I had the knowledge, I just didn’t know how to deliver that knowledge to others.

I know many of you have an interest in becoming an expert in your field, but you feel like you don’t have the knowledge or the experience to do so.

I want to challenge that belief. 😀

Today, I am going to show you how you can become an expert in 4 easy steps – and become an expert 10 times faster than what you would expect.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers he talks about the 10,000 hour rule. Basically he says to become an expert in your space, it takes 10,000 hours to become world class in whatever it is you are trying to do. I disagree with that rule.

In reality, you may be an expert and not even know it yet.

When was the last time you have been to a restaurant that a friend or family members has not been to. They come to you and ask ‘how was the food’ how was the service’? You can share your experience with them because you are one step ahead of them. You are the expert. You have been there. They look to you to be that expert. 😀 Now granted they are not going to pay you for that knowledge, I just wanted to share that example with you.

My buddy Travis, who is a real estate investor here in Nashville was thinking about doing some sort of course to teach others about real estate investing. But he didn’t feel like an expert.

Even though he had 5 properties that he was consistently making money from and he could potentially make six figures on one property he didn’t look at himself as an expert.

I told him what I will tell you: If you have done something that someone else hasn’t – you are an expert. All you have to be is one step ahead of that person and continue to stay ahead of that person through that journey.

Now I want to share with you the four steps you can take to become that expert.

➡️ 1. Study and do research [5:02] – You can learn from other experts in your field, by buying and reading books related to your topic, and by attending conferences or trainings in your field. 📚

➡️ 2. Test it out and apply what you have learned [7:33]- You have to take all that research and all that information that you have learned and test it out. Make an outline of the topics you want to discuss.

➡️ 3. Document what works and what doesn’t [9:15] – This allows you to build on what went well and gain more knowledge around what went wrong. As a bonus if you document your learning process you can use that document to create a product that you can sell.

➡️ 4. Just teach it [12:05] – Teach everything that you have learned in steps 1-3. Teach one person what you know, show them the steps, then you can teach others. 👨‍🏫

If you want to become an expert you have to be willing to share both your successes and your failures.

Now for the time hack to become an expert 10x’s faster. It is the OC method. OC stands for Oh Crap! 💩

You find a way to teach on the topic you want to become an expert in. This could be at your local community college, a library, or an organization. You put that date on your calendar and if it is 4 weeks or 6 weeks out – that is how long you have to learn and prepare to speak on that topic.

You don’t want to show up unprepared so you are going to go Oh Crap! 💩 This will push you to learn and prepare to teach in a limited time.

When is the last time someone sought you out for information? Information that you were an expert in? Information that you were happy to share and felt like an expert?

What was the topic, what was the space or niche that you were in? I want to hear about it!

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